We are proud of our company, not only for offering quality food, but also for making our spaces sustainable, reducing to a minimum the impact that our activity may have on the environment.

Training and awareness-raising among our employees through the development of a sustainable work plan:

Training as part of the introduction of our employees into the company is essential to explain in order to explain what waste is generated by our restaurants and the means to recycle. Reduce, Reuse and Responsibility are the basis for a successful corporate decision regarding waste management and/or waste minimization. To support this within the group, we have a monitoring and improvement committee, the Sustainability Committee, which meets regularly to review, correct and implement the necessary measures to maintain sustainability over time.

Cócteles Compostelana

"0 KM" products:

In the group we are committed to our “0-KM”, or proximity products.
We have agreements with several farmers’ markets, such as the one in Tegueste. Whenever it is possible, we buy products from the Canary Islands (potato growers, cheese producers, etc.). With this collaboration, we can minimize the pollution footprint, as the proximity of these products does not require maritime or air transport. In addition, as we have opted for these products of proximity, the menu changes according to the products available at kilometer 0: “eat according to what nature provides”. In this way, we support the primary sector and encourage the preservation of the rural environment.

Cócteles Compostelana

Acquisition of environmentally friendly items:

Biodegradable materials are used in all our restaurants, especially in the home delivery service, where all packaging is ecological and biodegradable, even the transport, which we usually do in our electric cars.

Cócteles Compostelana

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